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This site is in no way affiliated with the official Slackware project, despite possible similarities in design. But if you couldn't tell that from the domain name already, this distribution probably isn't for you anyways. All packages have been tested on (my customized) Slackware64 13.37; your mileage may vary.

Modified Packages

I've modified some packages from upstream to better suit my needs. The modifications mostly consist of either one line changes or inclusion of my own patches. I keep the build number in sync with the official version, refer to the upload date when deciding whether to installpkg --reinstall a given package. My name is only appended as a tag for easier management, I do not claim authorship of these packages!

cairo-1.10.2-x86_64-2_sinic .txz (.asc) provides XCB support as required by awesome ▷ December 08, 2011
lilo-22.8-x86_64-16_sinic .txz (.asc) includes my vi keys patch, don't forget to rerun lilo ▷ December 08, 2011
mkinitrd-1.4.6-x86_64-11_sinic .txz (.asc) includes my patch for infinite password retries ▷ August 27, 2012
python-2.6.8-x86_64-1_sinic .txz (.asc) fixes “several reported security issues ▷ April 14, 2012
shadow- .txz (.asc) includes my patch for fingerprint scanning on login ▷ December 23, 2011
slrn-0.9.9p1-x86_64-3_sinic .txz (.asc) links against the static library from UUDeview ▷ January 27, 2012

Self-made Packages

I'm the one responsible for these packages (but not for the software packaged therein).

libfprint-4.0.0-x86_64-2_sinic .tbz (.asc) only includes the drivers for upekts and upeke2 devices SlackBuild
uudeview-0.5.20-x86_64-1_sinic .tgz (.asc) includes the static library (for integration with slrn) SlackBuild
vlock-2.2.3-x86_64-1_sinic .tgz (.asc) includes my patch for unlocking via fingerprint scan SlackBuild